Criminal Defense Investigations

Every person charged with a crime needs a great Attorney and private investigator who believes in you. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise by a jury of his pears. As hard as Law Enforcement works to protect us they are only human and can make errors and can arrest and charge the wrong person. Private investigators are crucial to an Attorney in a criminal defense investigation.

Every Defense Attorney and their defense team needs support as they put together a case to establish reasonable doubt. Much of the work consists reviewing documents, securing evidence, conducting witness interviews, taking photographs, locating witnesses, and often trying to develop new theories to name a few. 

Mark Chauppetta is a highly sought after criminal defense investigator working on some of the most high profile murders in the US. Mark and his team at On the Mark Investigations have investigated over 4,000 criminal defense cases over a 305-year span and have testified in open court hundreds of times.

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