Suspect a Cheating Spouse in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?

Find out for Certain!

Investigator Mark Chauppetta is a recognized expert at securing evidence of a cheating husband or wife. He has years of experience at investigating, catching, and documenting evidence of spouses / boyfriends / girlfriends who have cheated.

Since the release of his book, Happens all the Time, Mark has been interviewed on countless radio shows across the country discussing the salacious side of infidelity. He speaks regularly about his cheating investigations. Mark was quoted in a Boston Globe article about infidelity and has appeared on many news shows.

Mark has been interviewed on Fox News, Boston’s CW56 news Valentine’s Day edition on the subject of catching cheaters. He has also spoken extensively and authoritatively on the topic of “Catching a Cheating Spouse” on his podcast “ Covert to Overt” along with other private investigation topics.

Please call Mark for a consultation on your suspected cheating investigation needs, and he will offer his advice and quotes on services from himself and his crack team.  (508) 521-9740

 Ok, so you’re suspicious. You may well have reason to be.

  •         Is your spouse or significant other going on suspicious business trips?
  •         Are their normal patterns or behaviors somehow different?
  •         Are they dressing differently?
  •         Do they smell differently?
  •         Are they nicer to you, or more amorous?
  •         ….more signs of suspected cheating.

These are all signs that you can’t just ignore. Unfortunately, If you feel it and think it, you are probably right. If it walks like a duck you know what they say. In my experience, this is true the majority of the time. But, either way, you need to know for sure.

 Out of State / Out of Town Conventions

If a spouse you suspect of infidelity is attending a convention in Massachusetts, that is a common place for cheating to take place. If you suspect he (or she) is cheating with a co-worker who is also traveling on business, or it may just be the perfect excuse for an out of town rendezvous.


When he is not expected home and has the built-in excuse, the cheating opportunity is too great to pass up.


That’s why on infidelity investigations, I am frequently asked to stake out the Boston Convention CenterHynes Convention Center, and other convention or Boston business meeting locations, as well as the nearby hotels.

If your suspected cheating spouse is headed here to Massachusetts on business, and you want the evidence to catch him, give us a call. We will get you the evidence you need, or just let you know for sure.

Whether it is just to put your mind at ease or assist you in your probate case preparation, we at On The Mark can take care of any domestic investigation or surveillance needs of a suspected cheating husband, wife, or boyfriend/girlfriend.

In the course of our investigation, we employ the latest in high-tech GPS tracking technologies cameras, as well as old-fashioned covert surveillance methods. Call for a free consultation, and we’ll tell you exactly what we’re prepared to do.

Completely Confidential Investigative Services

We are completely discreet in all our investigations. If you don’t want your husband or significant other to know you are looking into his habits, he’ll never suspect. You can call us from a friend’s cell phone, or email me from a secret free email address from Gmail, Yahoo or outlook/Hotmail. If you like secure, encrypted email, try proton mail. I can meet you in a public place to avoid suspicion. Our team of investigators in Massachusetts are ready to settle the matter for you once and for all. We pledge to help you get through this difficult time with the utmost professional care and respect.

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