Speaking Engagements

Mark is available as a highly entertaining guest speaker for any organization or group. He is is a great choice for After Dinner, Motivational, Law Students, College Students, Book Clubs, PTA and more.

Guest Speaking Topics

The life of a Sleuth / Private Investigator

It has often been said that this man only sleeps on alternate Tuesdays. Mark Chauppetta, a licensed PI, is a breath of fresh air and energy. Mark is engaging, informative, honest, open and often “R” rated. Mark not only will entertain you but he will educate you in a professional way while speaking candidly about the life of a private eye.

He has done everything from celebrity bodyguard to homicide investigations, to sordid cheating spouse investigations. Mark is full of many facts and fun stories. Ask him about the time a subject came to town for a free to be me trans-gendered weekend of fun. It never ends, nor will Mark.

The Man

Mark W. Chauppetta became a Private Investigator in 1991 after a brief stint as a prison guard and then a failed attempt at becoming the next Tom Cruise (though he has done time as an investigator for the Church of Scientology).

Mark has a reputation among his clients as caring and persistent man, but in the Law Enforcement community, he is known as a man who walks that fine line in order the get the facts. Mark is well known in the criminal community and is probably the only one who can walk into a less than desirable bar at 1:00 AM and have several less than desirable people lining up to buy him a beer.

Mark has attempted to become a state legislator, been featured in magazines, newspapers, and on the nightly news giving quotes. He has shot several reality television series (none ever aired, sadly), a low-budget horror film, and entertains people weekly with his shock legal brand of radio duly named “On the Mark PI”.

But Mark is also a complicated and tortured man who will not stop until a cure is found for his sick twins who a terminal form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Is is a no-brainer — Mark will just plain inspire you and entertain you while he dips into the world of being a private investigator.