Security & Surveillance

On The Mark Investigations can design, install, & maintain quality closed circuit television (CCTV) and modern video monitoring systems that can help reduce criminal activity and give you peace of mind.

We no longer use the old quads, multiplexers and VHS recorders for our CCTV systems but rather use Standalone and Network based DVR’s (digital video recorders) which prove to have much better quality, are more reliable, and you can also view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Because our DVRs only record when there is motion with cyclic recording, they are much more efficient and virtually maintenance free – no more tapes to change!

With our industry specific CCTV systems, you can get the best solution that is right for you and your business. The industry sectors we cover include:

Special Projects

  • Home CCTV Systems with remote view
  • Retail CCTV with on screen till systems
  • Office CCTV Systems with remote view & video conferencing
  • Building Site CCTV with GPRS systems
  • Nurseries & Schools with remote view
  • Warehouse CCTV with armored cameras
  • Observation CCTV with monitoring and alerts
  • Cutting Edge Internet Viewable surveillance systems, Installation, maintenance and Existing system upgrades.
  • Full range of surveillance systems and accessories available.
  • Spy surveillance systems for business or residential use. Visually undetectable. Used for suspect identification, to keep an eye on the babysitter, or to monitor employee productivity.
  • Setup of mobile security surveillance trailers with high definition and infrared video surveillance cameras, motion detection, audio loud speaker system to warn intruders, and more. Ideal for short term needs.