Professional Witness

If you’ve ever been going into a situation where you thought “I’d better have a witness”, hiring a professional witness can protect you from future problems, by either having someone who can accurately and legally explain your side of the story. Or, even better, preventing any difficult situation from escalating before it happens!

A professional witness is different from an expert witness whose only job is to appear in court. Your professional witness will help you avoid unnecessary confrontations, or additional legal complications and court appearances. But if it can’t be avoided, a professional witness will make sure your side of the story is documented and can be entered into court testimony, if necessary.

A professional witness could be up front and visible, to deter confrontations, or in the background, either as an insurance policy or to provide surveillance and documentation to any situation that may occur.

Just a few situations where you might want to hire a professional witness include:

  • Any meeting with an ex-spouse or abusive spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • If you are doing a custody exchange or child drop off, or exchanging legal paperwork, or returning property, and you are worried the situation could get ugly.
  • A business situation like an employee termination, or legal business partnership disagreement or dissolution.
  • Landlord / Tenant disputes. Are you a landlord with a tenant who is engaged in illegal or anti-social behavior? Do you need a witness and documented evidence to have them evicted? How about if you are a tenant, and your landlord has created an illegal, or dangerous environment that he or she refuses to fix?

We can provide videotaped surveillance and not be visibly present, and just document what happens.

Or we can provide visible security/bodyguard service to head off any potentially difficult or violent confrontation.

Most of all, we can be a reliable safety valve to make sure you are protected, legally, physically, and emotionally.

Anytime you feel like you could be at risk or create problems if you are worried about someone lying about what happened, get a professional witness to document the truth and back up your story, or prevent any lying or nonsense from happening at all.

If you know you have to go into an emotional or potentially ugly situation, having a professional witness can give you the peace of mind to get through it, and avoid unnecessary drama, BS, or worse.

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