Legal Defense Investigative Support

Mark W. Chauppetta of On the Mark Investigative Services, Inc. has conducted over 1,000 criminal defense investigations in Massachusetts. Mark will help prepare counsel for your next court date by speaking with victims, witnesses, taking photographs, measuring drug zones, and helping you decide what is the best disposition for your client.

Locating and interviewing witnesses can help your trial preparation in any civil or criminal case.

Mark is also an experienced infidelity investigator for your family court divorce proceedings investigations and depositions.

Investigator Mark W. Chauppetta has testified in hundreds of cases in all levels of court in Massachusetts. You can count on him to be a credible and reliable witness on the stand.

Our investigation group also has strong intelligence support expertise in specific areas such as locating material witnesses, video surveillance, covert video surveillance, insurance claim investigations and litigation support.

We can also take care of routine (and not so routine for those challenging cases) subpeona work as a process server.

Our MA legal defense group is ready to help take your case to trial in any court in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Contact us for your legal defense investigation needs.Top lawyer references available at your request.