Massachusetts Intervention Services

How I Got Started Doing Private Interventions

It all started when I received a call from a woman who contacted me to do investigation and surveillance work, to follow her 17 year old nephew, who she suspected was doing and possibly dealing drugs. She was afraid that he would be arrested and ruin his chance of getting out of his cycle of poor choices, and having a future.

I knew that she was extremely distraught about this young man she cared about, but simply didn’t know how to handle the situation. She hired me to find out exactly what he was doing, but she really already knew. After talking to her, I understood that what she really wanted was someone to try to help him and get through to him to help him change his life.

I told her about the hundreds of times I have spoken with, counseled and advised kids on the street while working criminal cases. I’ve also been trained as a Correctional Officer and a Deputy Sheriff and been involved in many interventions with inmates.

In speaking with that young man, Private Intervention was born. Myself and my associate Jay felt happy and confident that the heart-to-heart, guy-to-guy talk we had with this teenager just may have made him think twice about his options and his future. I know he was basically a good kid. We spent some time with him and made a positive impact on him, helping him think about a different path, and the many other option open to a young kid like himself to make his life better.

I’m not a PhD or a psychotherapist,  but I am a man who has street smarts and knows what it is like to learn the lessons from the streets of Brockton. I’ve seen it all, and I know what people face and how they feel desperate, alone, or out of control.

So whether it is a drug related case or a domestic case, we can help. We may not be able to fix every problem, but we will offer a unique way of educating and informing the person in a way they can relate to. And sometimes it really helps them just to know that someone (you) cared enough to send two tough but sympathetic Private Investigators to confront them.

Sometimes, it’s just a kid who needs attention, guidance and isn’t too far gone down that path. But some people definitely need help to accept that they need help with their addiction in the form of rehab.

But with the current state of our out-of-control opiate crisis, and the danger posed from a single, unknowing hit of fentanyl, it is literally a life and death matter.