DNA Testing

DNA testing is an increasingly important tool in many different types of investigations.

  • Are you in a relationship and worried that your partner isn’t being faithful?
  • Do you have a teenager who might be sexually active?

Many of us ask these questions every day, but until now, there were no definite answers.

That is why we at “On the Mark” can help you get the results you need. Mark W. Chauppetta has teamed with a leader in the forensic and applied sciences to help you discreetly get the results you have been looking for.

I can provide evidence collection onsite, or it can be as simple as sending in a shirt or undergarment for us at “On the Mark” to analyze the items using our protein and enzyme formulas. This science will let you then know if what you have is evidence or not.

We will guarantee you results. Please contact Mark @ (508) 889-2882 for a discreet interview.

To talk directly with a licensed Massachusetts investigator, please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882. He can answer any questions you might have about your DNA testing and scientific investigative needs in MA or RI. Mention this site and “Web Offer #49” for a special, limited-time offer, discounted web rate.