Cheating Decoys

Advanced Cheating Investigation and Surveillance Techniques

Our newest service which has become very popular is our exclusive decoy service to check out our test your spouse or lover. We provide both male & female decoy services of all types.

  • Are you suspicious that your significant other is dogging around on you?
  • Does your boyfriend or husband like blonds with big boobs? Brunettes who like sports?
  • Does you wife or girlfriend like men in suits? or is she a sucker for a 6 ft Latin man?

You get the point. If you suspect that they may be unfaithful or considering it,  let us at OTM put them to the test. We will send in an undercover agent into a bar or nightclub using a hidden surveillance camera device and may the truth be told.

Myself and my team of cheating decoys


If interested drop us a line at (508) 889-2882 and we can cater this to your specific needs and help put your mind at ease.


If you’re suspicious, it’s quite likely you have reason to be. Find out for sure. Discreet. Confidential.

It’s only a trap if they are actually interested in walking into it.

“Sometimes you just have to know”

For a consultation on my services or other questions, please call me at (508) 889-2882.


Massachusetts Private Investigator Mark Chauppetta is an expert in all types of surveillance, and specializes in catching cheating husbands, wives, & spouses. He works in MA, RI, throughout New England, and will travel across the US for his clients in search of the truth.