Massachusetts Bodyguards

Corporate, Government, & Special Event Bodyguards

Whether you are responsible for a corporate executive or a local celebrity in town, On the Mark can assist you when in need of protection. We’re also experienced at witness protection. Put you client at ease with our trained armed or un-armed investigative guards. We’ll be ready to prevent and diffuse any problem or situation before it happens, or respond with required force as necessary.

Traveling Bodyguard

Are you traveling to an exotic and potentially dangerous part of the world? Having an experienced bodyguard by your side when traveling to remote areas may give you peace of mind when you are in a place where local security and policing may be non-existent or corrupt, and Americans may be targets.

“I once had a potential client call my office asking if I had a 6’5 350lb man who could watch her while she was at risk. I said ‘No Miss, I don’t, but I have a 5’7 185 lb man with a head on his shoulders, me.’

She agreed and was pleased. My training consists of over 20 years of grappling and submission training and most importantly a lifetime having a mom and dad who raised me to be a respectful man.

Over the years, I have guarded some famous celebrities down to some dangerous criminals and given this I have learned that if you are confident and professional you will avoid 99% of all potential risks.

And if that doesn’t work it does not hurt to be able to kick ass.”

– Mark W. Chauppetta