On The Mark
Paranormal Investigations

Fact-Based Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Across New England

Wondering About the History of Your Home? Suspicious of Strange Noises?

Put our investigative experience to work for you to find out the facts about strange and suspected paranormal behavior.

On the Mark, Inc. has put together a dream team to conducting paranormal investigations throughout New England. Our team is made up of traditional investigators (fact finders), which is our specialty, along with clairvoyants, paranormal researchers and trained and dedicated enthusiasts. We offer reasonable rates and promise that all information obtained is confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

We use the most modern ghost hunting and detecting equipment like EVP recorders, EMP meters, highly sensitive temperature gauges, and more.

In addition, we'll put our extensive traditional surveillance experience to work. We are experts at high-tech video and audio recorders, as well as the patience and dedication you can only get from real world surveillance and tracking experience.

And since you are dealing with a fully staffed and experienced PI firm, we will  utilize our top notch researchers to hunt down the a history of your home on a case by case basis, to explore the background and identity suspicious targets of possible past-spirits still occupying your space.

Ghost hunting is not as easy as it may seem. Often it results in having to spend lots of time, and energy with minimal and cryptic results. But my team and I treat this as a passion and will deploy all of our modern analytical equipment and investigative skill to help uncover any suspicious activity, as subtle as it may be. 

OTM's mission is to help obtain proof or make contact with a deceased spirit, or to prove the phenomenon is not at all paranormal. We start by proving that the spirit is present by our electronic equipment or by our clairvoyant with communication before we hunt.

Most cases that we work on where a person has heard voices, footsteps, seen images,  or even witnessed a door of chair appearing to move on its own. Spirits often avoid live people, although it has been documented that on occasion they will physically interact with a person.

Ghost Hunting aka paranormal Investigation is part science, parapsychology, metaphysics, and and as we see it at On the Mark Inc, pure investigation.

And as good investigators, we don't have a stake in the outcome. We only want to bring you the facts. If we find perfectly normal explanations for your suspicious activity or sounds in your home, then we've done our job.

Please call (508) 889-2882 for a free consultation on our services.

We work in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, across New England, and will travel nationwide for special services and circumstances.

Mark Chauppetta and his team at On The Mark, Inc. investigations are experts at all types of investigation. We specialize in documenting facts.

For our paranormal investigations, we work with our in house team as well as expert paranormal consultants to bring you the complete package.

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