On The Mark
Investigation & Security Services

Mystery & Integrity Shops

OTM investigation provides mystery shoppers as a security tool for store/business owners to ensure that their employees are performing their duties in a satisfactory manner. These shoppers will be the owner’s eyes and ears when he/she are not present in the store.

The information OTM shoppers will collect will help you to determine your employees’ strengths and weaknesses; to create or adapt your employee training programs; and/or to help better incentivize managers who make your job easier.

OTM will assign shoppers to come to your store, look around, make a purchase and do everything that our clients want us to do. They’ll take a detailed report of their visit that outlines how your store looks and how well your employees are treating customers and attending to their duties.

Integrity Shops

OTM provides this security service to store/business owners to ensure that their employees are honestly carrying out their duties and are not stealing or performing dishonest or wrongful acts while on the job.

We send agents to your business to perform whatever lawful measures you want us to carry out to determine whether your employees are doing the right thing while on the job.  


For a consultation about Mystery or Integrity Shopping Services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or elsewhere in New England, please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882.


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