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Top 10 Signs Your Husband, Wife, or Lover May Cheating on You!

Statistics show that over 80% of woman who feel like there spouse is cheating are correct, and over 50 % of men are correct. This matches well with my direct experience in investigating cases of a cheating wife or husband in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

  1. Spouse is not home as much 
  2. Spouse wants to attend functions alone 
  3. Spouse is not as interested in sex 
  4. Spouse leaves the room to speak on the phone 
  5. Spouse has strange numbers on cell phone 
  6. Spouse spends to much time on the computer 
  7. Spouse suddenly is deleting email messages 
  8. Spouse asks about your schedule more often 
  9. Spouse has strange smells of cologne or perfume 
  10. Strange receipts in wallet or purse

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Massachusetts & Rhode Island Private Investigator Mark Chauppetta is an expert in all types of surveillance, and specializes in catching cheating husbands, wives, & spouses. He works in MA, RI, throughout New England, and will travel across the US for his clients in search of the truth. 

If you're suspicious, unfortunately it's quite likely you have reason to be. Find out for sure. Get the facts for your own piece of mind, and for any future legal proceedings.

Sometimes you just have to know.

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