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Florida Private Investigation Services

The new Florida investigation branch of On the Mark can provide all company services throughout the state of Florida.

Services Include:

  • Private & Personal Investigation & Surveillance. At On the Mark, we are experts at surveillance in all situations, particularly in cheating spouse investigations.
  • Legal Investigations: We do investigations into criminal and civil matters for attorneys. Experienced at interviewing witnesses and courtroom testimony as needed. We help you with the legwork and evidence you need to win your case.
  • Security Services: High tech surveillance and security services for all situations, from VIP security, bodyguard services, and monitoring.
  • Employee Termination Security: If you are a business owner who is forced to lay off some employees, having a security firm on hand is a smart decision to protect against angry employee retaliation.
  • Background Checks: We have access to many information databases to find out the information you need about a potential employee, date, babysitter, or neighbor. Whatever legal information you need to know, we can get.
  • Finding Long Lost Relatives, Friends, or Birth Parents: We'll do the tedious detective work of tracking down old records via computer and hitting the pavement. It's a critical combination that only a full service investigation firm like On The Mark can provide.

Please call us for a consultation on whatever private investigation services in Florida that you require. Whether you are a defense attorney in need of criminal investigation services, or just a private citizen in need of information, we are here to help.

Contact our licensed investigators for services in Florida as well as around the country. Please contact Mark at (508) 889-2882.

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